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I am a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in beverage product design. I have developed a specific skill set that helps me deliver quality results. What makes my designs distinctive for product packaging is my use of hand lettering and 3d Illustration. Why would you want to consider using hand lettering and 3D for your brand?

Why Hand Lettering and 3D?

Benefits of Hand Lettering

  • Craft a distinctive product that will appeal to your target audience
  • Greater selection of lettering options over standard fonts
  • Gives life and natural movement to a design
  • Target specific tastes
  • Flexibility integrating into a design

Advantages of 3D Illustration

  • Displays products in pristine form
  • No distracting imperfections to correct, unlike photography
  • Quickly make changes to the design up until production
  • Adapt lighting, colors and setting
  • Produce consistent look over a range of products

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Brand Design

Brands are more than just logos. Brand design refers to a much broader scope of thinking that involves developing a consistent impression that reflects your product across all channels of communication. What will your message look like at a tradeshow, in a package design, website, corporate brochure, etc. We walk with you through this whole process applying your brand with consistency in print and web spaces. See examples under Brand & Identity Design.

Label & Package Design

In some ways similar to branding, package design involves designing a look and feel for a product in 3 dimensional form. I have had extensive experience designing labels/brands for the beverage industry and building a consistent brand image for promotions in print and web.

Hand Lettering

I have pursued the discipline of hand lettering over the past 15 years for the unique aesthetic it offers the world of design. Used in logo design and packaging it offers a unique level of expression that can set a brand apart from the crowd that uses typefaces out of the box. Achieve the right nuance of impression with the control hand lettering offers. Just another unique discipline to help you stand out among your peers…visually speaking.

Skills & Experience
  • Logo design & brand development
  • Hand lettering, typography
  • 3D Illustration
  • Photoshop image compositing
  • Illustration
  • Print Production – flexo & offset
  • Web Design


Crush 3D Design

This design was developed in cooperation with Crush Creative Packaging to celebrate the 2013 grape harvest crush. The initial sketch was done with a flat edge nib, then scanned and redrawn in Adobe Illustrator. The final illustration was rebuilt in 3D modelling software Cinema4D and Modo and rendered with changes to texture and lighting. It shows the depth of control available and ability to dramatically alter the appearance of the final image.

crush_3D_01crush_3D_04 crush_3D_02crush_3D_06crush_3D_07

The Whole Package


This is a series of wine brand designs for promotional use. This project was perfect for showing the cross section of my skills with lettering, design and 3D Illustration. All designs began as drawn or hand lettered sketches and then got refined and placed in context of a wine label design. Finally a 3D scene was built  with models, lighting, textures and stage setting. Color adjustments and compositing touches were finished in Photoshop to finally bring the product image to life. I think the results speak for themselves and demonstrate why many design agencies are switching from photography to 3D illustration for displaying product.





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