Hand Lettering and 3D Together

Making words and images appear to live on the page or screen is a constant pursuit for me. Well crafted lines and dynamic movement are essential ingredients on paper or digital device. Taking a design from hand lettered sketch through to 3D illustrated product is an exciting process and stirs the imagination every time.


The Hand Lettering Appeal

The most amazing tool ever designed is the human hand. The marks it can make with a gesture and the proper tool are inspiring. A gestural stroke with the right tool might take hours or days to achieve with digital software. Of course the Adobe Creative Suite isn’t something I’m prepared to live without either! Being comfortable in both worlds allows me to choose the right approach to target a particular response. Clean and refined or energetic and gestural, there are so many options. My job is to help you imagine the great possibilities. Below is is a sampling of the diverse options possible with a single word (taken from an ad campaign).


Rod Sawatsky custom lettering

Rod Sawatsky calligraphy - hand lettering

3D Illustration

Building images in 3D brings a whole new dimension of flexibility and dynamic impact to images. Whether you’re showcasing product or adding depth and dimension to your brand, 3D offers incredible control over all the variables i.e. angle of view, lighting, color, surface texture, etc. Want to see it in wood? No problem. Plastic, chrome or grungy paint? You got it. It’s quick and efficient to explore options once the object and scene is buillt. Your audience won’t know how the image is built, they’ll just think it looks amazing!

3D Illustration by Rod Sawatskycrush_3D_04 crush_3D_02crush_3D_06crush_3D_07

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