The Advantage of Custom Lettering

Making words and images appear to live on the page or screen is what I love to do. Well crafted lines and dynamic movement are my ingredients whether on paper or digital screen.

When designing for marketing the goal is to evoke an emotional response that will make the consumer want to act. Often one of the most important components, the letters, is limited by a dependence on typeface options. I am able to fill a hole that exists for custom, one-of-a kind letters that deepen the emotional connection. The uniqueness of the design grabs attention because it is not commonplace. After many years of working specifically in design with letterforms, I can help my clients create the emotional impact they are looking for with their brand or package designs.



I work with a wide variety of hand lettering tools to give me a diverse range of looks. I also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to refine my designs when needed. For added depth and dynamic impact I can rebuild these designs in 3D modelling software that I use also for showcasing products (see below). I’m always experimenting with new tools and software to discover the exciting possibilities they might bring to the world of letters.


Above is a custom typography design created for a marketing project which was rebuilt and rendered as a 3D illustration. Alternative versions shown below demonstrate the versatility of hand lettering. Because of the organic nature of hand movements, no design is exactly the same and each approach evokes a different emotional response and helps my clients identify the appropriate character of their product.


The possibilities are fairly limitless and can fit a broad range of budgets. While some solutions require meticulous control and are more expensive to produce, other approaches can be quickly achieved and are quite cost effective. Don’t hesitate to enquire further if you are curious to know what options there might be for your next project.

Thanks for downloading!